Northern Pipe, Inc. specializes in sewer pipeline cleaning but is not limited to only sewers. We offer a variety of other services including lift stations, catch basins, leachate lines, manure pits and even those hard to reach manholes with our easement machine. We use some of the best equipment on the market today and our cleaning crews have been in the industry for numerous years, giving you the reassurance that your project is in great hands. If you have a plugged pipe, it is unlikely that we will be unable to help you. Give us a call, day or night, we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round.

Lift Station Cleaning
Sanitary Sewer Cleaning
Leachate Cleaning


Pipeline cleaning is a processes that involves using a high pressure water hose and specially engineered jetting nozzles to extract the dirt within a pipeline. The powerfully effective combination of gallons per minute (GPM) and pressure per square inch (PSI) is critical for effectively blasting debris from pipelines. High pressure water jetting can restore pipes to their original condition without the need of harmful chemicals, keeping the environment safe.


Hydro-Cleaning is one of the most effective methods for cleaning pipelines of built up materials such as sediment, grime, scaling, black powder build up and other impediments. High pressure water jetting can be used to clean and prepare pipes for Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) inspections when needed. Pipeline cleaning has become an industry standard replacing environmentally dangerous, destructive and time-consuming methods. Other types of industrial pipe cleaning involve cutting and digging, risking unnecessary property damage, unearthing toxins and driving costs sky high. Jetting sewers is a safer, faster, greener and more cost-effective way to achieve the results you want.


Our cleaning equipment is truck mounted and utilizes a force of 2500 PSI at 80 gallons per minute. It also has an impressively powerful vacuum system to clean and remove all debris in the pipeline and manhole. Our trucks can vacuum up sludge, water, rocks, sand and other types of debris found during the cleaning of the sanitary and storm sewer lines, inlets and catch basins.

Lachate Cleaning
Sanitary Sewer Cleaning


Proper maintenance of landfill leachate collection systems is critical in order to insure efficient operation, meet regulatory requirements and protect the public health.  Lines that are improperly maintained can create hydraulic pressure on liners and other components of the system which can lead to costly repairs that could have easily been prevented. Clogging of the leachate laterals with mud and silt is one of the most common problems landfills will encounter. Leachate line cleaning is standard practice for routine maintenance.

Northern Pipe, Inc. has specialized equipment and years of experience to keep your system at peak performance. Avoid loss of production and high replacement costs by letting Northern Pipe, Inc. assist with all your leachate collection needs.


Lift stations are low points in a gravity-flow sewer system where incoming sewage is pumped to a higher grade to continue the gravity flow to the treatment plant. As as rags, or other solid materials enter the lift station, buildup will occur on the bottom of the well and in other components within the station. Solid materials can often plug or damage pump impellers. Periodic cleaning is required to remove the solid material from the lift station. We reccomend yearly cleaning to our clients or bi-yearly cleaning for our clients that have a lot of grease buildup.

Northern Pipe, Inc. employees are confined space certified giving them the ability to enter lift stations to scrape grease from walls, clean on top and under pumps and vacuum the debris inside the liftstaion.




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