Northern Pipe, Inc. provides sewer pipeline inspections for mainlines and lateral connections on pipes as small as 2”. We also have the ability to televise landfill leachate lines. We take pride in the work we do and that is why all our employees are PACP, MACP and LACP certified, giving you the reassurance your project is in great hands with Northern Pipe, Inc. Give us a call day or night, we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round.

What are CCTV pipeline inspections?

CCTV is closed-circuit television, this is used to provide customers with an accurate evaluation of their sewer system or line. A CCTV inspection of a cleaned pipe shows the true internal condition of a pipe, with structural defects including, cracks, fractures, off-set joints, roots, are clearly visible. Data collected from sewer inspections provide municipal officials and engineers with detailed information for future maintenance projects. Northern Pipe, Inc. provides high quality video inspections and top of the line equipment with years of experience from our employees on all of our jobs.  We will record all important information such as time, date, manhole/station numbers and operating personnel. For examples of our inspections, please contact us today!


What are the specifications of your CCTV system?

At Northern Pipe, Inc. we offer full color computer generated reports, full color snapshots of the defects found, and use pan and tilt cameras. After our work is complete, we provide you with the printed reports and all the work is given to you on a hard drive for you to keep.


What is lateral Televising?

The lateral inspection involves inserting a camera into the site tee, vent or clean-out. The crew is able to view the inside of the lateral on their computer screen. The absence of an air vent or clean-out is an automatic failure. Owners should locate these devices prior to the inspection. Properties with a back flow valve may need to be televised from within the home, and the owner or a representative must be present. Northern Pipe, Inc. uses the most flexible and powerful lateral system on the market today. Aries LETS (Lateral Evaluation Television System) enables us to accomplish lateral line inspections from the mainline without needing access to private property. It also gives us the capabilities to televise laterals from the building of a clean-out.

Included with the service you will receive a copy of the video inspections and full report on a hard drive.




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